Why Lease a Kia from Mark Kia in Scottsdale?

Learn about the Benefits of Leasing a New Kia near Phoenix, AZ

It's that time again: your clunker is ready to call it quits, and you have to decide whether a lease or loan is better for you. Finance isn't "one size fits all", so what is good for some, may not be for another. That is why we at Mark Kia, unfortunately, can't make all those big, stress-induced decisions for you, but we can explain the benefits that one payment solution has over the other and then help create a loan or lease plan best catered to your current needs.

Everyone typically understands the end goal of getting a loan for a car: ownership. However, what happens with a lease isn't always public knowledge, other than the fact that by leasing, the car is in fact not yours. However, there are some benefits to leasing that you may not be aware of.  Allow us to break it down for you.

  • Leasing allows you to stay up-to-date with the latest trends, as you will be exchanging your set of wheels for a new one every few years
  • Lower monthly payments are associated with leases
  • There is no need to put down a hefty down payment

Simply, if money is tight, you like to stay "in the know" and aren't planning on driving too far or taking your frustrations out on your car, leasing may just be right for you.  Interested lessees can peruse our robust new Kia showroom and then meet with the financing department to go over the leasing logistics. Our money gurus will tirelessly work to establish a leasing plan that guarantees you get behind the wheel of your desired Kia and off driving in the greater Phoenix, Tempe, Mesa and Gilbert region in no time. Just us in our convenient Scottsdale home to start leasing today.

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