Fresh Trade-Ins - Save on a Fixer Upper!


What is a Public Before Auction car?  Simply Put... a Fixer Upper

Mark Kia's Public Before Auction Cars are a select offering of trade-ins that have traditionally been wholesaled at auction. These are vehicles that fall outside of Mark Auto Group's used car guidelines for condition whether by cosmetic issues or in need of mechanical repair. They are generally higher mileage, older, lower-priced vehicles that are 'flawed' in some way.


The general guidelines for these vehicles are:

•    They all come with a Used Car Inspection, and we encourage you to look at it so you know what it will need.

•    They are sold 100% AS-IS

•    They are sold with our wholesale price posted, no negotiation necessary.

•    They are offered for a limited time only


We've given you a head start on your fixer upper:

•    3 Complimentary Oil Changes and Tire Rotations.

•    3 Day - 300 miles Exchange Guarantee.

•    3 Month - 3,000-mile 3rd party Powertrain Warranty. (Some exclusions apply)

•    Emissions, Oil Change, and Safety Inspection on us, a $500 value!


Why offer Fixer Uppers?

Simply put - our customers have requested that we make these vehicles available. Many of our customers have a need for basic transportation. By offering a broader selection of "kid's cars", 2nd car, college car, fixer uppers, and other inexpensive transportation options, we feel we can better serve our current customers and the general market.

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