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What Is a Safety Recall--and What Do I Do If My Kia Car Has Been Recalled?

The most important thing to remember about vehicle safety recalls is that the vast majority are fairly routine. In fact, because of aggressive modern regulations and the automotive industry's strong commitment to consumer satisfaction and safety, many recalls are simply a precaution to be sure that drivers like you in Scottsdale, Phoenix, Mesa, Gilbert, and Tempe are receiving absolutely the highest quality of care.

Issues that we've seen across the industry that may incite a safety recall by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) include air bags, seat belts, cooling systems, braking systems, pedals, even something as simple as a misprinted bit of information somewhere on a component within the vehicle.

Fortunately, Kia sees few service campaigns or recalls, but we are committed to being as open and transparent as possible to help you get back on track if your vehicle has one or more recalls outstanding. The most important things for you to do if your model and year has a service campaign associated with it is to stay calm, schedule a service appointment to get your vehicle fixed, and consider alternate travel options until your vehicle has been cleared by a service professional.

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Frequently-Asked Questions About Safety Recalls in AZ

  • Do I have to pay for recall repairs? You are not responsible for any repair costs or charges associated with the recall--as long as you go through an authorized dealer like Mark Kia, and there are no other damages that are not caused by the recall issue, you will not be charged
  • How long are Kia recalls good for? While recalls never truly expire, you are only eligible for cost-free repairs up to ten years from the original date of defect or noncompliance, according to the NHTSA. We recommend that you schedule repairs as soon as possible, but if you notice that your older vehicle is part of a recall campaign within the last decade, we'll still fix it for free
  • If my Kia is recalled, do I get a loaner car? Automaker policies vary as to loaner cars in the event of a vehicle recall. It may depend on the automaker itself, the severity of your recall, the type of car insurance you have, and other factors
  • How long does it take to get my car fixed after a recall? Time for repairs varies depending on the type of recall--if custom, high-demand parts must be ordered and installed, it will take much longer than a simple fix like a faulty lightbulb product or a mislabeled sticker. Ask your technician for a time estimate if your car has been recalled

If you're still left scratching your head about your recent Kia recall, we urge you to contact us directly at your convenience, and we'll help to make everything clear, and put your mind at ease.



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