Q: What qualifies as a Canadian vehicle?

  • A: This is a vehicle that has been registered in Canada at any time.


Q: What do I need to know before purchasing a Canadian vehicle?

  • A: Most manufacturer warranties are fully valid, but we suggest you confirm
    this with the manufacturer

  • A: Previous Canadian vehicles have a U.S. Title and titles are transferable to any state

  • A: Previous Canadian vehicles are sold with odometer reading in miles.
    Odometers have been changed from kilometers to miles by registered importers

  • A: Previous Canadian vehicles are eligible for PSI, LPI or DealShield

  • A: Previous Canadian vehicles can be floorplanned with NextGear Capital
    or the floorplan company of your choice

  • A: Previous Canadian vehicles fall within NAAA guidelines


Q: How will I know that a vehicle was registered* in Canada?

  • A: A Maple Leaf icon will appear on the Search Results Page. By clicking on the icon, dealers will see a pop-up with FAQs about buying a Canadian vehicle



Contact March Kia's service department - 480-454-8363


*Applies to vehicles registered in Canada at least once, either bought new in Canada or bought new in the US and registered at least once in Canada.