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Mark Kia Scottsdale AZ


Sell Your Vehicle in Scottsdale, AZ in 4 simple steps


Mark Kia Scottsdale AZ

Submit Your Vehicle Information

Fill out the form to submit your vehicle information. The more details you can provide, the more accurate your offer will be.

Mark Kia Scottsdale AZ

Get Your Offer

In just a few minutes, you will receive a value range of how much you can expect for your vehicle based on the information you provide. This offer is good for up to seven days, and there is no obligation to accept it.

Mark Kia Scottsdale AZ

Finalized Appraisal and Offer

Make an appointment or arrange pickup with our team to schedule a finalized appraisal. Our experts will review your vehicle specifications to verify the information you submitted. They will finalize the offer and wait for your final approval.

Mark Kia Scottsdale AZ

Accept Your Payment

Congratulations! Once you accept the final offer, we will immediately provide payment or trade-in credit.

At Mark Kia, We Buy Cars

If you have a vehicle to sell or trade-in, our team at Mark Buying Center can offer you top dollar for your current vehicle. Whether you choose to submit your vehicle information and receive an instant cash offer from the comfort of your home or prefer face-to-face time with our team, we offer a transparent process to get your vehicle sold immediately.


Get An Instant Cash Offer in Minutes

At Mark Buying Center, you can get an instant cash offer using our online trade-in tool. We use Kelly Blue Book Instant Cash Offer for a transparent, no-obligation offer for your current vehicle. Simply submit your vehicle information to get started and receive an initial, sight-unseen offer in minutes.

Kelley Blue Book Instant Cash Offer


Can I sell my car online through Mark Buying Center?

Yes! With our Kelly Blue Book Instant Cash Offer (KBB ICO) Tool, you can sell us your car by submitting your vehicle information. We'll need to complete a final, in-person appraisal to verify your vehicle information and finalize the offer, but the KBB ICO is a great way to gauge how much you can expect to get paid for your vehicle.

How Do I Trade In My Vehicle Online?

The Kelly Blue Book Instant Cash Offers is good for cash payout or trade-in credit. Submit your vehicle information using our online tool to receive an instant cash offer, which is the same if you choose to use the value for trade-in credit.

How Does Mark Buying Center Determine the Value of My Vehicle?

Mark Buying Center uses Kelly Blue Book Instant Cash Offer (KBB ICO), a third-party online tool that determines vehicle values based on current market and vehicle condition. By using KBB ICO, our team ensures you get a transparent offer that gives you the most value for your vehicle.

What Documents do I Need to Sell My Vehicle at Mark Buying Center?

To finalize the sale or trade-in value offer, please bring or send a photo of the following documents:

  • Your Instant Cash Offer certificate
  • Your vehicle title. If you don't have a title because your car is financed, bring your lienholder information. If your car is leased, check with your leasing company to find out what paperwork they require.
  • Your vehicle registration
  • A valid driver's license or other government photo ID
  • All keys, keyless remotes and manuals
  • Service and repair records (optional)
If I Sell My Car at Mark Buying Center, When Do I Get Paid?

Once you accept the final offer, our team will provide you with a check for your vehicle immediately.

Does Mark Buying Center Offer Pickup and Drop-Off?

For a fully virtual experience, contact our team to arrange vehicle pickup or drop-off for added convenience.


Why Sell Your Car to a Dealership Instead of on Your Own?

Selling a vehicle on your own can be a challenging experience. When you sell a vehicle by yourself, there is no guarantee that you will find a buyer willing to match the price you want. You also need to arrange the delivery of the vehicle on your own as well. At Mark Kia, we always pay top dollar for vehicles to add to our used inventory, so you can sell your vehicle to us with confidence, knowing you will get the amount you deserve. Delivering your vehicle to us is as simple as driving it to our dealership.


Let Mark Kia Buy Your Car Today

Are you ready to see what a difference selling your vehicle to a dealership makes? To learn more about selling your vehicle to Mark Kia, contact us today!